JW Private Luxury Concierge

Our Private Luxury Concierge division provides access to the ultimate lifestyle management services for all of our Private Wealth clients.

With 24/7 services, this division differentiates from other concierge services by providing custom curated experiences and access that we believe our clients will benefit from most.

Available for any client, anytime, no matter where they are located. A dedicated concierge line is provided to all Private Clients for requests that can be done via email or WhatsApp.

For certain locations, concierge services can be provided onsite.


Includes services that can be done with fast turn around times and guaranteed access.


Charter & Brokerage –We can provide yacht charter service for motor yachts, sailing yachts & catamarans. We can also find the best yachts for sale or purchase for clients from 20 meters up to 140 meters. Used, new or new projects. Additionally we can help with cruise plans, yacht management, charter management, owner representation and anything yachting related anywhere in the world.

Private Jets & Helicopters

Charter & Brokerage of private jets of any size, worldwide.

Competitive rates of jet charter with 5-star service included for any city in the world.


Rental & brokerage of real estate worldwide. We have private access to exclusive villas in some of the most desirable locations in the world.

Hotels & Resorts

Booking service of the best hotels in the world with additional services while staying in them (tours, transfers, restaurants, shopping)

Luxury Cars

We have access to any luxury cars available along with exclusive building slots of new cars.


We can create and suggest travel itineraries, destinations and plan everything for private clients.

Private events, Weddings & Team Building

Hosting of all kinds of luxury events worldwide for small and big groups.

Formula 1*

Through exclusive partnerships, we can provide access to Paddock and VIP tickets to any F1 race in the world. With focus on Monaco, Las Vegas, Miami & Abu Dhabi.

Personal Assistance

Concierge employees can accompany clients in major cities in the world and ensure that everything client has requests will be done. Cities where we have the best access: Monte Carlo, Miami, Dubai, Los Angeles, Barcelona & Venice, Split, Zagreb & more.


Includes services provided with a small risk they can’t be fully fulfilled.


For various events and sporting events we can source tickets, but in some circumstances,

highly limited capacity or other reasons could prevent access.

Celebrity Meet & Greet 

We have access to many celebrities and have hosted events with many of them but are unable to 100% guarantee that we can provide services with a specific celebrity a client has requested.

Watches, Jewelry & Fashion*

Depends on requests, we can source almost anything the client wants, however, if this is not possible, our concierge will provide client with alternative options.

Passport or Citizenship by Investment

Depending on client requirements, options can vary from country to country and therefore we advise clients on best options but cannot guarantee that we can secure a specific Passport or CIB.


Includes services we offer but can’t fully guarantee that they be provided

Restaurant, Bar or Clubs Bookings**

Due to the current global surge in restaurant demand, we cannot guarantee tables at the most popular places in the world. Our team will do our best to secure reservations and will provide alternative options if the clients first options cannot be secured.


Due to the complex nature and complicated procedure for procurement, our team will do their best to find and obtain any client requested art pieces.


All other services can be requested and after the team receives the request they will inform the client if it’s possible or not.

We never provide any illegal or forbidden service. Also we will inform clients if

services they have requested are illegal in the country they need them. Alternative options will always be provided.

* For many luxury assets, it’s not possible to guarantee that the client will get an MSRP price. Due to limited availability, we will present several options based on the current market price.

** Fee is mandatory – for every confirmed reservation, the clients must pay a deposit, minimum spend, or no show fee other reservations will be cancelled.


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Larnaca, Cyprus, 7102

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